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  • The Australian Cat Federation Inc (ACF) was formed in 1972 with the key aim of promoting unity and harmony across the Australian Cat Fancy.
  • The ACF Inc promotes the welfare of all cats, the responsible and ethical breeding and showing of pedigreed cats, and the showing of neutered and spayed domestic cats.
  • The ACF Inc has member bodies (recognised cat-registering bodies also sometimes called "affiliates") in all States and in the Northern Territory.
  • The ACF Inc holds a National Show in June each year, with venues across Australia and international and Australian judges officiating at these shows.
  • The ACF Inc has developed a breed standard for each pedigreed cat breed it recognises and provides a national forum for the recognition of new breeds of cats and the subsequent development of standards for those breeds.
  • The ACF Inc has developed and promotes uniform breeding rules for each cat breed it recognises and also for the development of new breeds or new patterns and colours in recognised breeds.
  • The ACF Inc checks cat-breeding prefix applications against the national prefix database to ensure that duplication does not occur.
  • The ACF Inc welcomes the public at its National Shows and at all of the shows managed across Australia each year by its member bodies.

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Australian Cat Federation Inc.

Secretary: Mrs Carole Galli

257 Acourt Road
Canning Vale WA  6155

Telephone: 08 9455 1481

Mobile: 0407 852 012



News Updates

2018 ACF National

Hosted by GCCFSA in Adelaide on the 9th & 10th June at the Adelaide Showgrounds.

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Bengal Cat – Amendment to Importation

Some hybrid animals have been imported into Australia for a significant period of time, including the Bengal cat. This hybrid has been imported into Australia since 1996. The Department accepts this to be a legacy issue and its approach is to recognise the Bengal cat as an exception to the general policy. Importers of Bengal cats should contact the Department for further information regarding eligibility prior to any imports.

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