Tony Hurry ~ Cats NSW

ACF Panel: 2013 (Transfer)
International: No


2 Orana Parade
Unanderra NSW 2526
Phone: 02 4272 7764
Mob: 0418 290 164

Airport: Sydney (SYD)


Our feline friends have been a part of my life since early childhood. Even an asthmatic allergy to cat hair could not lessen my love, devotion and involvement with cats. Aged 13, I was granted my Breeder�s Prefix, Kalinya thereby entering me in to the pleasures and heartaches of breeding and showing Siamese. During my teenage years as a junior member of Illawarra Pedigree Cat Fancy I worked as a Steward and wherever else I could be of assistance. My breeding and showing life was interrupted for a longer than expected period by my human breeding programme.

Resurrecting my Kalinya prefix in 1990, I resumed feline breeding with firstly a "rescued" lilac Burmese then British Shorthair and since 1991, my first love, Siamese. Promoting our cats around NSW has been and continues to be of immense pleasure.

In 1996 I successfully passed my Steward�s exam and now thoroughly enjoy working in this role handling and learning about all the breeds and meeting and working with all of my fellow Cat enthusiasts.

I am a member of Riverina, Illawarra and Highlands Cat Clubs and have taken many roles with each of them including Club President, Club Secretary and Show Manager.

By gaining my Judges Licence for Group 2 (2003) and Group 1 (2007), I have given myself the opportunity to share my knowledge and training with exhibitors and to continue to promote the responsible ownership and breeding of cats.