Fiona Hawkins ~ GCCFSA

ACF Panel: 2009 (Group 3) 2013 (Group 2) 2022 (Group 1)
International: Yes


9 Newfield Drive
Reynella SA 5161
Phone: Leave of Absence
Mob: 0413 598 108

Airport: Adelaide (ADL)


Fiona’s introduction to cats was with a rescued Domestic kitten, which at 10 days old needed a helping hand and a lot of care. Mignon was joined by a handsome white Russian male in 1998. Odessa White Knight (Kimba) was her introduction to showing cats. Fiona has since been involved with many facets of showing cats – first as a steward, then by completing the GCCFSA Group 3/4 Judges course, followed by Group 2 and recently Group 1. Fiona enjoys the experiences that judging provides and seeing so many beautiful cats.

Fiona began breeding Russians in 2000 under the prefix of ’Myenya’ with a lovely Odessa female and has gone on to have many successful exhibits on the show bench. Fiona has been involved with Council affiliated Clubs and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of SA since 1998.
Currently serving as Chair of GCCFSA.


2016 New Zealand