Jo-Anne Frank ~ QFA

ACF Panel: 2006 (G2) 2008 (G3) 2018 (G1)
International: Yes


8 Armistice Street
Burdell QLD 4818
Phone: 07 4774 2523 (Leave Message)
Mob: 0438 725 097

Airport: Townsville (TSV)


My first cat that I have memories of is a black and white domestic that lived in our street when I was 3 years old. I was the only person who could handle this feline, so I suppose that it was only natural that I ended up being involved with cats later in life.

We bought our first Siamese about 6 months after we got married, a very sweet–tempered seal point boy named Sutek. We ended up with 2 more to keep each other company, the third being our first breeding queen, a Chocolate Point named Jasmine. We registered our prefix in 1988, and our first litter was born in 1989. We specialized in Chocolate Points for many years, and had many successes with Supreme exhibits and Cat of the Year awards, all with Chocolate Points. We expanded our breeding programme to cover all colour Siamese and Orientals, and had equal successes with them.

I became a steward early in the 1990’s. I realized that although I enjoyed stewarding, I wanted to learn more about other breeds. I commenced my judge’s training in 2000, starting with Group 2, and then extending my license to Group 3 in 2008. I completed my Longhair training in 2017 and was appointed to the ACF National Panel of Judges as an All Breeds judge in June 2018. I have judged in most states of Australia and look forward to many more years of judging, handling and learning more about all the different breeds of beautiful cats that are being bred in this country. I have also judged in New Zealand and Malaysia.

I retired from full time work in the Public Service after nearly 37 years and I am now enjoying life as a retiree after making the decision to move to Townsville in North Queensland with my husband in 2018. We no longer breed but we still have 3 very spoiled, much loved older neuters who we simply couldn’t part with. I am keen to explore, travel and develop my hobby of amateur photography (wildlife and landscape) now that I have retired.


New Zealand 2017, Malaysia