Kingsley Schmidtke ~ GCCFSA

ACF Panel: 1998 (OFS), 2002 (Group 3) 2022 (Group 1)
International: No


23 Brocas Avenue
St Clair SA 5011
Phone: 0403 046 834

Airport: Adelaide (ADL)


I have been involved in The Cat Fancy since 1980, showing my first Burmese whilst starting High School. It wasn’t long until my involvement included running annual shows, stewarding and being active in a variety of cat clubs, whilst doing my HSC. In 1998 I obtained my OFS Judging licence, followed soon after with my BFM in 2002, to complete the national Group 3 class.

Having bred Burmese, British, Scottish folds and owned by two Turkish Vans, I retired from breeding in 1999.
In 2022 I extended my Judging Licence to include the beautiful Group 1 Breeds and I’m currently undertaking my Group 2 course with GCCFSA.
I feel lucky that I have the privilege of sharing my love of felines with other likeminded people and the friendships I have from all over the world."