Annette Joesbury ~ COAWA

ACF Panel: 2015 (Transfer)
International: Yes


3 Watson Street
Bassenden WA 6054
Phone: 08 9279 3375
Mob: 0408 916 560

Airport: Perth (PER)


I am an All Breed International Judge and Tutor Judge now with the ACF. I began Judging in 1985. Since then I have Judged in most states here in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

I began breeding and showing Persians in 1973, which included Chinchillas, Self colours, colourpoints and Tabbies.
Further to this I imported from New Zealand, and bred the Exotic. Breeding many show winners.

In 2002 I imported a Munchkin male from New Zealand and under took the challenge of breeding this rare breed in Australia. This has been very rewarding.

Since 2004 I have worked as a volunteer in the Office of the Cat Owners Association of Western Australia inc and in previous years has been elected in the role of Chairperson. Currently the Secretary of the Chinchilla and Shaded Cat Fanciers Cat Club. Chairperson of the Southern Cross Cat Club, and is still actively involved in initiating and organising Cat Shows.
Being an All Breeds tutor Judge I spend time Training New Stewards and New Judges.

Now retired from cat breeding, I have travelled widely and attended numerous Cat Shows in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. This has given me the opportunity to handle and familiarise and video the new breeds such as the Pixie Bobs. Savannahs and the American Curls.

I am an avid cat enthusiast who continues to seek opportunities to build on past skills and Knowledge.


New Zealand 5 times last time 2009