Carole Galli ~ Cats WA

ACF Panel: 2017, 2018, 2021
International: Yes


Canning Vale WA 6155
Phone: 0407 852 012
Mob: 0407 852 012

Airport: PER


I began breeding Burmese cats in 2000 after falling in love with a very Nortie Brown Tortie. I loved the O gene colours and bred reds and creams in particular along with the torties. In 2003 I met my first Burmilla and fell in love with their delightful temperament and silver coats. I applied for an experimental program to breed Burmillas, beginning with the foundation matings between Burmese and Chinchilla. Working with two other breeders I was able to add higher generation Burmillas into the program. I specialise in short hair Burmillas and occasionally breed a long hair litter. I breed the Burmilla in all colours including the O Gene series. In 2011 I included the Mandalay into my breeding program. I became an All Shorthair judge in June 2018 and I commenced Group One training in 2017.