Ian Rivett ~ GCCFV

ACF Panel: 2018 (Transfer)
International: Yes


23 Cain Street
Capel Sound VIC 3940
Phone: 0423 116 152
Mob: 0423 116 152

Airport: Melbourne (MEL)


I stumbled into the cat fancy almost forty years ago and I have bred a couple of Cats of the Year and Best in Show winners and over those years I bred Burmese and Tonkinese in a small way, but bred Siamese with my wife, Keryn Rivett (also an All Breeds Judge) and mother–in–law, Margo’t Maddicks (Judge Emeritus) for many years.
I really enjoy judging and eventually I became an All Breeds judge and I have judged all around Australia and New Zealand numerous times. In 2004, without warning, I was diagnosed with end–stage renal failure and after almost five years on dialysis on the 10th October 2009 I finally received a kidney transplant. I also contracted endometriosis twice and have two mechanical heart valves. Nowadays, due to a combination of God, the medical profession, early–retirement and nana–naps, I am in peak condition and probably healthier than most.
In my working days I had some interesting jobs and was a soldier and a gravedigger, but nowadays I am relishing my early retirement and enjoy the beach, walking the dogs, church–life (I am on Parish Council), gardening and I’m a real foodie – both eating and cooking – I enjoy being part of a couple of men’s cooking groups.
I have been married to the lovely Keryn for almost forty years, we do not have any children except for Barry (Red Burmese) and two Poodle x Maltese dogs called Poppy and Zeki.


New Zealand