Deborah Nugent ~ Cats NSW

ACF Panel: 2022
International: No


Mount Druitt NSW 2770
Phone: 0458 923 473
Mob: 0458 923 473

Airport: Sydney (SYD)


Our family never had cats. We grew up with dogs & birds. A friend of my mother owned a beautiful seal point Siamese who I grew to love, and in return for my affection, he bit me at every opportunity given him. I adored him. Once I “left home”, wherever I lived, there was at least 1 cat, sometimes 2. There came a time when I decided that I would purchase a pedigree cat and went in search of a Black Oriental. I’d seen a picture in a book and was mesmerised by the smooth patent leather look coat, and hypnotising green eyes.

It was while I was looking for said black Oriental that I was convinced by a cream Burmese that she was in fact, the cat for me. I was therefore first introduced to Cat Showing with the purchase of “Fioric Crème Biscayne” in 1993. I then ventured into breeding under the Corbetti prefix later that same year, which resulted in some successful Best in Show winners being produced, and my Burmese family grew over time. I was introduced to the Bengal breed in 1997/98, and further Best in Show successes with 2 neuters “Marube Taw” and “Marube Rajah” and commenced breeding Bengals in 1999.

After a couple of years’ experience working at shows, I qualified as a Steward with the then RASCC in NSW, then in 2000 ventured into NSW CFA Group 2 Judges training. By the end of the Group 2 Judges training, I had introduced Oriental Shorthair and Siamese to the Corbetti prefix, and commenced breeding Balinese, Oriental Longhair under the SiaJavi prefix. I thoroughly enjoy Judging my first true love of the feline family, the Siamese, and their beautiful relatives the Balinese, and Orientals. I am honoured to be invited to shows to handle and assess these exquisite felines, thank you.