Deborah Cameron ~ Cats NSW

ACF Panel: 2022
International: No


NSW 2560
Phone: Leave of Absence

Airport: Sydney (SYD)


I have been involved in the cat fancy for over 40 years being introduced to the cat fancy by my mother. I bred and showed Persians including silvers, pointed varieties and bi colours and of course like many others, devoted time working in all roles for cat shows and in cat clubs. I have worked leading 2 National cat shows with a team of people and am active in responding to changing legislation supporting responsible cat ownership to ensure the varying needs of cat owners, exhibitors and breeders are reasonable and not out of their reach.

My house has had the bounce of the shorthair Singapura and the beauty of the Persian. I have been involved in many Judges panels supporting new and emerging judges and supporting Judges conferences. I am an All–Breeds Tutor Judge and have judged all over Australia and NZ sharing the skills and knowledge I have gained since working as a steward from when I was 16 years, helping my mother from primary school with cats, through to varying roles at cat shows and later as a trained experienced judge.

Sharing and imparting information about breeds on Judges Panels is rewarding with cadet Judges learning about breeds, the aspects of judging and accepting that like any field, continual learning about all facets of cat breeds is important to keep updated and knowledgeable. My passion is to support the Cat Fancy as a whole, to support interested exhibitors in developing a better understanding the ideal standards of excellence for breeds and to help the broader community understand cat behaviour. Striving for excellence and breeding or owning healthy cats is important as it brings with it so many great experiences, learning’s, friendships, and wonderful memories.