Jocene Vallack ~ QFA

ACF Panel: 2022
International: No


4 Triton Court
Shoal Point (Mackay) QLD 4750
Phone: 0429 681 102
Mob: 0429 681 102

Airport: Shoal Point (MKY)


Dr Jocene Vallack works in Education at James Cook University, and has been breeding cats since 1998. Initially a Siamese and Oriental breeder, she raised Foreign Whites and Black Orientals, and later progressed to Silver Classic Orientals. She became interested in Sphynx cats about ten years ago, and
as a result of working in collaboration with other breeders, her Alchemy Sphynx Cats have pure lines, imported from Russia, UK and New Zealand.

She began her judge’s training and examinations in Victoria in 2011 with the FCCV, and later after moving to Queensland for work in 2013, she was invited to complete her Shorthair training through the FCCQ. She remains indebted to each of these affiliations for their expertise and mentoring.
She now resides in Townsville, where her seven cats enjoy their shady enclosures in the tropical climate.