Jillian Reed ~ COAWA

ACF Panel: 2022
International: No


98 Princess Road
Westminster WA 6061
Phone: 0420 665 127
Mob: 0420 665 127

Airport: Perth (PER)


My introduction to Cat Fancy’s came in New Zealand, in the 1990’s. I was driving on a Sunday afternoon and saw a sign “Cat show”. I did a U turn and ventured in. The people were nice, lots of cats, but a Seal Point Birman called Anastasia caught my eye. Her owner let me have a cuddle, and I was hooked. I vowed then and there I would one day have one of these beautiful cats.

Fast forward to around 2002 and I brought home my first Birman, a Seal Point girl I called Maria. She came to work with me at a finance company for a couple of months until her Blue Point friend Timmy, from another litter was of age to come home with me. I showed them up and down New Zealand as a neuter and spay.

I learnt to Steward, sat on The Birman Cat Club Committee in various positions for several years pre breeding and after. After 5 years, I decided I would like to venture into breeding. Samara a Seal Point Birman came to me and after a couple of years and litters I moved to Perth Australia with my neuter boy Timmy and Samara in 2009.

I immediately joined COAWA and volunteered to help set up shows, was a steward, joined club and association committees. Have had several more Birmans and litters, and started my Group 1 judges training in 2015 which I completed 2018.
I enjoy learning about the various breeds and their characteristics and are about to sit the Group 2 exam September 2022. I enjoy mentoring new breeders and encouraging people to show their cats, companion or pedigree.