Sandra Dukes ~ Cats NSW

ACF Panel: 2023 (Transfer)
International: No


Oberon NSW 2787
Phone: 0481 307 294
Mob: 0481 307 294

Airport: Sydney (SYD)


I have always had a love of cats growing up with them and collecting strays to bring home. In 1992 I got my first pedigree cats, a Turkish Van girl for breeding and a Birman neuter to show. I decided to change breeds and in 1999 I imported two Norwegian Forest Cats and bred them until 2021.

I have been a steward for many years and held positions in all facets of show management for a few clubs. I also produced the NSWCFA journal for 8 years. I became a Group 1 judge in 2017.

My other love is photography, and I am often found taking photos after judging is finished.