Belinda Penglis ~ FCCQ

ACF Panel:
International: Yes


138 Stanborough Road
Gumdale QLD 4154
Phone: 0408 455 808
Mob: 0408 455 808

Airport: Brisbane (BNE)


Belinda has successfully bred and shown Siamese and Orientals under the "Serendippidee" and "Diamante" prefixes since 1975, producing several Cat, Kitten and Neuter of the Year winners. She began Judging Group 2 in 1987, extending to Group 3 in 2006, and gained her All Breeds Licence in 2008.

She has been an active member of Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Queensland since 1975 and is now a Life Member and Group 2 Tutor.

Away from cats, Belinda has a Ph.D. in Parasitology and is a Senior Veterinary Pathology Scientist. She also teaches Contemporary and Classical Ballet to professional level, and is a Mentor as well as a Practical Teaching Supervisor for the Royal Academy of Dance (London).
She still gets an enormous buzz out of watching kittens grow and her philosophy has always been to breed well–balanced, healthy, happy kittens for people who love the Siamese and Oriental breed.


2009 New Zealand, 2010 Philippines, 2011 New Zealand, 2012 United Kingdom