Erin Brown ~ FCCQ

ACF Panel: 2009 (Transfer )
International: Yes


PO Box 111
Canungra QLD 4275
Phone: 0407 116 588
Mob: 0407 116 588

Airport: Gold Coast (OOL) or Brisbane (BNE)


Erin is an Australian Cat Federation All Breeds judge. She gained her Group Two licence 2001, Group Three in 2006 and became All Breeds in 2008 and has judged in Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, Argentina, Indonesia, South Africa, Germany and the UK.

She also holds an Australian National Kennel Club and FCI International All–Breeds dog licence for conformation and lure coursing and judges extensively in many countries throughout the world.

With a passion for quality animals, Erin enjoys the opportunity to visit and judge both cats and dogs in many places. She holds a strong belief that we owe our animals the right to a healthy and comfortable life, so considers that while a truly beautiful show animal is a joy to the eye, that animal must also be physically correct.

Erin has enjoyed showing many top winning cats under the “Quanmarra” prefix and has exported Oriental Shorthairs to the USA and Europe, with some of these cats achieving very prestigious wins, including All Breeds International Cat of the Year for TICA (USA) in 2000 with SGC Quanmarra Bonnie Price of Pzazz. At home, the Quanmarra cats consistently achieved top awards until judging commitments and her roles within the cat and dog fancy, brought about the decision to cease breeding.

When not at shows, Erin shares her home with two Maine Coons and one very evil Oriental Shorthair and of course, the dogs. As well as her involvement in both the cat and dog world, her interests include cooking , gardening, reading and enjoying people.


2009 New Zealand, Philippines, USA, 2010 China, Malaysia, 2011 New Zealand