Judy Lewis ~ QFA

ACF Panel:
International: Yes


13 Petherbridge Avenue
Merrimac QLD 4226
Phone: 07 5569 2345
Mob: 0417 232 494

Airport: Coolangatta (OOL) or Brisbane (BNE)


In 1964 Judy owned a show/breeding lilac point Siamese female and this was the start of her interest in the cat fancy. Judy’s prefix Metinka was granted in NSW in 1964. In 1966 she owned a deaf blue–eyed white Persian. In 1967 Judy and a friend brought into Australia the first pair of seal point Birmans from England followed by seven more seal and blue point Birmans to expand the gene pool. During her years of judges training Judy bred Burmese and Devon Rex and has shown a blue British Shorthair, Oriental, Russian and Maine Coon. Judy has achieved many awards with these breeds. Her main passions are the Birman and Maine Coon breeds.

Judy gained her Group 1 licence in 1974, Group 2 in 1980 and then completed her training in Group 3 (all with NSW CFA) to become an All Breeds judge in 1985. She transferred to QFA Inc. in 2001. Judy has judged all over Australia and New Zealand as well as in Singapore, UK, Japan and South Africa.

Judy is past Secretary of QFA Inc. an All Breeds Tutor Judge, Life Member and Patron of Birman Cat Fanciers Club of Qld, Life Member of the UK Birman Cat Club, St George Cat Club of NSW and Alpine Cat Club of New Zealand and Delegate to QFA Council for the Cairns All Breeds Cat Club.


2001 NZ; 2002 NZ; 2003 NZ, South Africa; 2004 NZ; 2005 NZ; 2006 NZ; 2007 NZ; 2008 NZ; 2009 NZ; 2010 NZ: 2011 NZ