Elizabeth Andresen ~ GCCFSA

ACF Panel:
International: Yes


21 Marion Street
Salisbury East SA 5109
Phone: 0408 087 305
Mob: 0408 087 305

Airport: Adelaide (ADL)


I first began showing Siamese in Adelaide, South Australia in 1978. I moved to Alice Springs in 1979 and spent 38 years there, before moving back to Adelaide in 2018. Whilst in the Territory I started my Group 2 judges training once I had passed; I went onto do Group 3 and finally Group 1 making me an All Breeds Judge. Living in the middle of Australia had its challenges with training so after 16 years I finally finished my training and was elevated to the ACF panel of judges in 1991 for Group 2 then 2000 as All Breeds.

I was Prefix recorder for the Cat Association of the Northern Territory for quite a while and became one of the Tutor Panel and am a life member. I have judged internationally in Malaysia in 2001, New Zealand in 2004 2005 2017 & 2018, and China in 2016 & 2017, both Hubby & I did a small non–pedigree assignment for the Durham County Cat Club England in May 2004. I have judged in all States and Territory in Australia many times.

Over the years I have bred British Shorthair, Devon Rex, Abyssinians and currently with my husband Scoot, Siamese Oriental & Burmese. Our move to Adelaide in August 2017 came after owning our own business for just over 20 years and I retired. We became members of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy South Australia. I currently hold the office of Secretary since January 2023 after doing two years as assistant secretary, and Tutor Coordinator. I enjoy breeding my cats which I have done for 35 years & also love my judging, catching up with friends which I have made over the years and making new ones along the way.


Malaysia 2001 New Zealand 2004, 2005, 2017, 2018 China 2016, 2017