Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The inaugural meeting (sponsored by Uncle Ben’s) was held in Melbourne on 21 October 1972 with Mrs J E White in the Chair. Also present at the meeting were Coordinator, Dr M J Tait (GCCFV), delegates from Queensland – Mrs M Dougan (Cat Fanciers Association and independent clubs), Mr R Shead (Feline Council of Queensland),montre and Mrs M Haas (Governing Council of Queensland);delegates from Victoria – Mr D J C Chandler (GCCFV) and Mr V Bumak (DCCV); Miss M Horne (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia [GCCFSA]), Mr K Dobbie (CCCT), Mrs D Oaten (CANT), Mrs B T Sparkes (Murray Valley Cat Authority), and Mr H Klopper (FCCWA). Among observers present were Mrs Mary Hinchcliffe (Feline Control Council of Victoria [FCCV]), Mrs M Oliver, and representatives of Uncle Ben’s Australia Pty Ltd (Whiskas).

The question of eligibility for affiliation was raised and it was determined not to exclude the few organisations not represented that day, but it was considered that there was sufficient national representation present to proceed with formation of a steering committee. The councils not present were to be kept abreast of developments and should they wish in the future to become involved, they could be co–opted onto the committee. The steering committee was to produce a draft constitution for presentation to the next meeting, and it was suggested that the first National Show should be held in South Australia, because of its central location. Margaret Horne accepted that proposition. The ANCF (Australian National Cat Federation, changed to Australian Cat Federation when the body was incorporated) officially came into being on 10 March 1973. Harold Klopper was elected President at that first conference.