Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The National Show went to Melbourne this year with the Cat Association of Victoria as host. Lesley Morgan Blythe stepped down as Acting President to resume her duties as the International Liaison Officer and the new President, Dr Jan Hills from the Northern Territory, succeeded her in the chair. No other committee positions changed. One of the major events of the Annual General Meeting was the blanket acceptance of a new constitution (updates from previous years not having been recorded in accordance with Western Australia’s Fair Trading requirements) which reflected all the changes made over the past six years.

The guest international judges were Louis Coste (France), Flavia Capra (Italy), and Stephe Bruin (Holland). The big winner at the National was Supreme Exhibit, Quanmarra Guylian (chocolate silver spotted Oriental kitten from Queensland) and Reserve was a lilac tortie Burmese baby, Summerlea Silken Shadows (New South Wales). This year saw some more "tidying–up" of the standards and the International Liaison Officer reported that the March meeting of Presidents of World Cat Organisations (FIFe, CFA, WCF, ACF and TICA) had formally adopted a name for this forum – the World Cat Congress (WCC). The marbled pattern was recognised in Australian Mists.

Later on in the year the Cat Fancy was saddened to hear of the death of Nita Russack,who served the cat fancy for over 40 years as both breeder ("King’s Mead") and judge.