Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The National Weekend was very successfully hosted by the Queensland Feline Association in Brisbane. There was no Supreme Exhibit, as QFA prefers to award no further than Best of Group awards. The overseas judges were Rachel Anger and Gary Veach (USA) and Johan Lamprecht from South Africa. The weekend was typically laid–back, Queensland style, with emphasis for many on the social component! Poignantly, recently retired ACF Executive member for the Cat Association of the Northern Territory, Diane Page, was present in her wheelchair for every event, flanked by husband, Ross and her children and grandchildren. Sadly, her untimely death occurred not very long after.

The Guild recommended recognition of the Selkirk Rex (longhair and shorthair), tortie tabby–point in Birmans and the marbled pattern in tabby Orientals, as well as a revision of the caramel and apricot point Siamese standards. At the Annual General Meeting, Geoffrey Dumigan was elected Vice–President of ACF.

The World Cat Congress was hosted in New South Wales (outside Europe for the first time) with the show run by the Waratah State Cat Association at Homebush in March and, at the World Cat Congress, as a result of ACF’s nomination (seconded by the Cat Fanciers Association, United States) the New Zealand Cat Fancy became an associate member of WCC.

Br Gt GC Kokadjo Moonshadow (chocolate tabby point Siamese female owned by Julian Schuller and bred by L. Oliver) was granted the esteemed DM title.