Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

It was back to Adelaide this year. Janet Kneebone from New Zealand was the visiting judge, and the superstar was Supreme Exhibit, RGC Solaris D’Artagnon (blue Persian). Reserve Exhibit was awarded to a Cornish Rex, Rimfire Rex Qattara. The Guild seminar featured red cats (all breeds). At the Annual General Meeting, it became compulsory for breed names and colours to be written, rather than using breed numbers (which varied across Australian controls). Silver tabby–points were accepted and it was decided to reprint the standard book. There was spirited discussion on the placement of Persian noses; "or intermingled" was added to tortoiseshell colour descriptions; and Ragdolls (in the four colours and three patterns) were given full recognition. Spotted Mists were given provisional recognition, and judges were to be trained in the three Group categories. Cheryle Ross (CCCA observer and speaker) addressed the meeting on her visions for unity and a combined ACF–CCCA show.