Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

In October 2005 an application for membership of ACF was received from The Feline Association of New South Wales. This achieved a majority Executive vote and was confirmed at the Annual General Meeting in June 2006.

Geelong was the host city and the Cat Association of Victoria the host body for the 2006 National weekend. This was the ultimate "bring your thermals" weekend but, while the weather was frigid, the CAV hospitality was the opposite. The social events were extremely varied and ranged from informal welcome drinks at our "home", a holiday village where we occupied a series of self–contained cottages, to an even more informal barbecue (Harry Bush was grill chef), to one of the most memorable national show dinners where the venue was wonderful, the company was lively, and the food exquisite.

The show as always featured the creme de la creme from all States and Territories but the final winner was a local exhibit, a wonderful black Oriental owned and bred by Tracy Appleby, Watirah Naughty But Nice. There was no opportunity for the traditional photo of Supreme Exhibit in the silver Whiskas rose–bowl (put her in it and only the tips of her large ears would have shown!). The visiting judges were Louis Coste (France) and Kim Cutter (South Africa) and a most welcome visitor was the effervescent, South African judge, Lynel Du Toit, (passing through Geelong on her way home from the New Zealand Cat Fancy National the previous week).

At the 2006 Annual General Meeting, W.M. (Bill) Griffiths (a barrister from Tasmania) was elected President and Lesley Morgan Blythe returned to the role of International Liaison Officer. After the presidential election, the Vice–President (Keryn Rivett) took the chair and conducted a tight meeting.

Some of the key decisions were that, to be eligible for AoE awards, an exhibit must be placed in the Top Five at a given show; a subcommittee be appointed to review the constitution; provisional membership status of ACF became part of "Definitions" in the constitution; vitiligo (depigmentation of skin) was added to "Disqualifiers"; and mink pattern in Scottish breeds was accepted. Silver Bengals were recognised, as was the Egyptian Mau (using the CFA standard). It became optional for Groups 2 and 3 training to be combined and the meeting approved the formation of a subcommittee (each affiliate to nominate a representative) to collect and collate information dealing with welfare issues, with particular reference to the pet trade to south–east Asia.