Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The Queensland Independent Cat Council (QICC) hosted the 2011 National weekend, with meetings taking place at Virginia Palms Hotel. Recent natural disasters (flooding and Cyclone Yasi) did not thwart QICC’s enthusiasm. Thanks to the effect of Chilean volcanic ash, it was to be a longer, long–weekend than anticipated, with many flights cancelled. Visiting judges included Carlos Lopez (TICA, Argentina) who addressed the Guild seminar on Bengals, Don Finger (ACFA, USA) whose subject was Selkirk Rex, Monica Dany (TICA, Austria), and Karen Peplar and Lynel Du Toit (South Africa). After some years, the Annual General Meeting agreed to replace the current form of the standard book with an annual, complete edition in A4 size. The meeting also voted to retain original registration numbers when cats are transferred between councils and allowed reclassification of dilute colours on DNA results. It was reaffirmed that the website would be updated and professionally redesigned.

Caramel and Apricot in three base colours were recognised in tabby and smoke (including "with white") in the British Shorthair, Exotic, Persian and Scottish breeds, as was silver tabby–point in Persian, Exotic, and British Shorthair. There was a minor adjustment to the Maine Coon standard for coat texture and, after many years on provisional recognition, this time with a well–designed PowerPoint presentation, and with live samples present, the "Australian Bombay" achieved full championship status. Cats Victoria Incorporated (CVI) was granted full membership at the Annual General Meeting.