Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

Tasmania hosted the 1999 National celebrations, with the show (and functions) held at Wrest Point Hotel Casino. A popular and distinguished start to the weekend was the Friday night reception at Government House for judges, delegates and organisers.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Queensland Independent Cat Council (QICC) Inc. was unanimously admitted as a member body (subject to written ratification by the affiliates) and John Blythe (Tasmania) was elected President of ACF. Kathie Scallan (Queensland Feline Association) became Vice–President.

The Burmilla was given full recognition using the FIFe standard and it was decided that, once significant alteration to a breeds standard was made, there could be no more change for three years. (Note: This was amended in 2004 to allow change if such change reflected possible resolution of a health issue.) Some variations to the Korat standard were allowed and the Sphynx was accepted with body of origin standard. The Norwegian Forest Cat standard was updated to reflect the decisions taken by FIFe (body of origin) at its Annual General Meeting only three weeks prior.

The show attracted 1.5 per cent of the States population, in part because of the publicity afforded by the impending acceptance of the Sphynx breed, the first representative of which in the country was present for inspection. The overseas judges at the show were Aline and Phillipe Noel (France) and Wayne Trevathan (USA) and the panel finally chose as Supreme Exhibit Rama Road to Mandalay (black Oriental). An absolute crowd–thriller was the vote by panel for Best Group 4 Exhibit, "Murphy", a Hobart Cat Centre resident who, with five other homeless cats, attended with a view to adoption. By 11 a.m. he had been adopted by Devon and Somali exhibitors, Vicki and Mick Essam. By 3 p.m. he was top domestic in the country!

Also during the year, a tour of FIFe shows saw Helen Farmer, Geoffrey Dumigan and Margaret Saal officiating in Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Austria Sadly, Helen Ferres, a South Australian judge and "Chiton" Siamese breeder died during the year.

On 1 January 1999, the ACF’s Distinguished Merit (DM) Award was instituted, and the first four DM titles were issued thereafter. These went to GC Jezreel Jackpot (Imp. UK) and GC Redwyton Wetheby James, both blue British Shorthair males owned by E.T.H. and D.J. Jowett of Tasmania. The other winners were SR GC Comyn Jellyroll (black Exotic) and Comyn Lola Montez (blue Exotic) owned and bred by Lesley Morgan Blythe (Tasmania.)