Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

It was Just a "hop" across Bass Strait for 1993 when Launceston was "home" to the National. Alva Uddin (Sweden and President of FIFe) , Tom Herbst (USA) and Lotte Borch (Denmark) each judged a full group, at the show which first utilised the method now known as "Australian open–style" (i.e. cats housed in home cages in bays and the judges are the ones to move about, rather than the cats). "The Australian open style" show is born, 1993 headlined the show and huge press coverage over the week preceding the show ensured a huge press of public all day. Of the almost 400 cats present, not one was Unable to be Handled (UTH), despite the bustle. This proved the efficacy of a "cat–friendly" judging system. British Shorthairs ruled the day in top awards and this was fitting as Tasmania was the home of the first imports into Australia. The Supreme Exhibit was a sentimental favourite, Redwyton Minehaha (blue British Shorthair spay, daughter of the 1984 National winner and great–grand–daughter of the 1978 winner). The Best Cat was GC Leminlain Penny Pixie (brown spotted British Shorthair and also a daughter of the 1984 winner). A tortie smoke Persian, Martes All Mixed Up, was Best Kitten. Dr Harry Cooper (Tasmanian resident and breeder–exhibitor) addressed the Guild seminar, as did Alva Uddin (on Norwegian Forests) and Lotte Borch on Scandinavian– versus "UK"–style Russians. Tom Herbst spoke on US breeds, such as American Wirehairs.

At the Annual General Meeting, the ACF National title requirement was changed to a minimum of 21 months; fawn and cinnamon were recognised in Group 2; tortie and black were allowed in Turkish Vans; and Spotted Mists were given full recognition.

As Alva Uddin was present, she was able to speak on the accord which had been mooted at the recent FIFe General Assembly; this was based on mutual recognition of judges, registrations and prefixes and agreement to judge by the others’ standards when "guest–judging". FIFe philosophy had changed dramatically under her presidency, and "open doors" (world cooperation) was the theme. The meeting endorsed the International Liaison Officer’s motion of an accord between ACF and FIFe. It was also suggested that a similar accord be sought with the New Zealand Cat Fancy. Mr Richings (CCCA Secretary) was present, and suggested that there be three–way discussions at the next CCCA meeting. He also said that the newly formed group in Western Australia (Cat Owners Association of Western Australia, [COAWA]) had not applied to join CCCA.

This was the meeting at which anti–cat legislation reared its ugly head and it was felt that we should, as a national body, confront such issues as a united voice. Thus, the Education and Management Committee evolved. The proposed joint ACF–CCCA show (to be held in Adelaide) was once again raised.