Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The ACF National was held in Adelaide hosted by Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc. (GCCFSA) Judges from Europe, United States, New Zealand and ACF judges officiated over the two days. The eventual Supreme Exhibit was Coonmagic Penny Lane a Maine Coon kitten owned and bred by Kim Mattock.
At its meeting in April, the World Cat Congress (WCC) agreed on the need for a statement on the development of new breeds, which states – “WCC does not support the new development of breeds based on mutations or characteristics that have a negative effect on the welfare of the cat.”
Dr Ben Porter representing Royal Canin gave an excellent presentation on Colostrum, Immunity and the role of Nutrition in Kittens. Doreann Nasin (CFA) presented the American Shorthair, Steven Corneille’s (TICA) topic was Bengals – Wild essence what makes the wild look. Anna Wilczek (FIFe) was the last presenter on the day and her presentations were amazing her first presentation was Curls and Waves, Coat matters around rex breeds, CRX, DRX, GRX, La Perms and Selkirk Rexes both longhair and shorthair. Development, genetic, quality and texture, problems. Anna left her most enjoyable topic for last, For Your Eyes Only – Eye colour around all breeds. Differences, tones, pointed cats, faults etc... a very artistic one as we talked about colours and our feelings to them.
ACF recognised the Toyger a designer cat, a loving, glittered, medium sized shorthair active cat reminiscent of the big cats in pattern, type, confidence and movement. Thus, companionability traits, such as, but not limited to, dependable, quiet temperament; laid–back personality, intelligent and easily trained and handled; good athletic ability; stately movement; excellent health and longevity are all important and desirable and must be considered an integral part of the breed profile, breeding program and genetic makeup of the Toyger.
ACF agreed in order to maintain the integrity of British Shorthair lines that no imported cat should be registered as a British Shorthair if they have breeds other than the accepted outcrosses within the last 8 generations in their pedigree. Where another breed has been used in a British mating under an approved Experimental Breeding Program, the progeny of such a mating will be identified with the EMS breed code to identify the breed after the registration number ad infinitum.
Also, American Burmese are now able to be used as an outcross to our Burmese as part of an experimental program and full generation sepia patterned Mandalay are accepted as an allowable outcross for Burmese. These cats must be DNA tested for all health tests available for both British and Burmese. They must test positive for cb/cb and negative for colours not recognised in Burmese by ACF.