Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The National weekend took place in Perth hosted by the Feline Control Council of Western Australia (FCCWA), with a show featuring a mix of overseas judges from FIFe, TICA and CFA, as well as "the home team". The Supreme Exhibit in show was a chocolate tabby–point Siamese, Syrecks Sheyenne, owned and bred by Margaret Osler of Victoria. Professor Diana Davis succeeded Bill Griffiths as President and Sandi Gemmell (Acting Vice–President after the resignation of Margo’t Maddicks) was elected unopposed to that position. Dr Isobel Johnstone became President of the Judges Guild. Among decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting were that Ocicats in classic pattern were accepted without challenge status as Ocicat AOV ("Any other Variety"); "hybridisation" colours and patterns are now acceptable in Manx; and Amber was recognised in Norwegian Forest Cats. White Orientals were recognised in blue–, green– and odd–eyed forms. Ocicats were removed from the list of breeds in which a bump on the nose is undesirable.

One of the original criteria for ACF awards was removed (i.e. that the exhibit must be placed in the Top 5) and judges will now only award if, in their opinions, the cats are worthy of 95 points. It was decided that the website would undergo a complete update and be professionally redesigned.