Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

1979 saw the National weekend return to Perth and, this time, it was a cultural exchange, with eight European judges beginning their tour of Australia at this event. They were joined by Lucy Koh of Singapore, a Siamese breeder and judge. There was a line–up of 658 cats, and real panel judging was employed for the first time in Australia. The Best Longhair Cat was Myamba Marmaduke (blue). The Best Shorthair Cat was Blaumeise Kashtan (Havana); Best Longhair Kitten was Pimpala Ambassadress (cream); Best Shorthair Kitten was Quashon Copper Faerho (chocolate–point Siamese); Best Longhair Desexed was Amer–Aust Malinga (cream); Best Shorthair Desexed was GPN Watanabe No Nookie (brown Burmese). As there was a suitable panel of FIFe judges present, Mr Terry Dever (Queensland) was examined and awarded FIFe National status for Shorthairs. He was the only judge thus qualified who gained that title without leaving Australia.