Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

Founding President, Harold Klopper, handed over the reins to fellow West Australian, Jack Howson, in 1980. Mr Howson had previously been Secretary and this position was now filled by Faye Schipperheijn, Post–cyclone Darwin was the setting for the show and Annual General Meeting and, at this meeting, it was decided that an ACF Judges Association was desirable. International Liaison Officer (ILO), Mrs Oliver, reported that a World Federation of Cat Fanciers had been mooted (incorporating the Federation Internationale Feline [FIFe], Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Great Britain [GCCFGB], and the Cat Fanciers Association [CFA] in the United States) and it was hoped that it would be formed within two years. (Note: It took 15 years, and the ACF was one of the core participants.) Belgian judge, Peter Scholer, was joined by others from all affiliates The Best Cat in Show (for the second time; that cat was a stayer!) was Int Ch GC Agena Beau Fantastic; Best Shorthair Kitten was Kokadjo Red Emma (red–point Siamese); and Best Shorthair Desexed Exhibit was Amberkit Anoki (sorrel Abyssinian). Another tour of European shows was undertaken in 1990 by Australian judges seeking FIFe qualifications, with current ACF panel judge, Margaret Bush, gaining her FIFe national longhair "ticket".