Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

On a brighter note, Hobart hosted for the second time in 1987. Judith Russack handed over the secretariat to Lorna Thomas of Western Australia, and another "first" was scored when at the Guild Annual General Meeting it was suggested that open judging (in front of the exhibitors) should be compulsory. Judges were to decide whether they spoke to exhibitors or not. English judge, Joy Foster, joined a panel of our own judges at the show, and, for the first time, an Exotic Shorthair was Best in Show; Comyn Hetty Hotstuff won Best Longhair Kitten. Best Cat in Show was DGC Ellardee Pink Puma (cream shaded cameo Persian); Best Kitten was Sunglo Silhouette (black Oriental); and Best Neuter was DGC Wywory Monty Carlo (cameo Persian).