Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The Gold Coast proved a popular venue for the 1989 ACF weekend. Kim Everett (CFA) was present on the panel, as was Bambi Edwards (CCCA judge, New South Wales). Both addressed the Guild seminar, which covered topics ranging from Siamese head type through to "Influencing standards" (Jane Horstman). The show was the first open–style National, and the "talk show" format was off to a roaring start. The Best Group 1 Cat in Show and Supreme Exhibit was Tuam Manhattan (black Persian), while Reserve was a brown spotted British Shorthair, SDGC Caerlon Domino (also Best Shorthair Cat). The Best Shorthair Kitten was Kismayu Sherada (tawny Abyssinian) and the future superstar, Maclae Gold Coast King, made his debut as Best Siamese/Oriental kitten. Among decisions at the AGM was the facility for cadet judges undertaking an interstate assignment (as required by the ACF training scheme) to have financial assistance; and Scottish Folds were accepted, as were "new" Birman colours (red/tortie series). Russian whites and blacks were given full recognition, as were smoke–point Siamese and smoke Orientals, along with golden and colourpoint British.

There was a successful motion that more than one affiliate per state would be allowed, and that ACF–CCCA should formulate a common policy on acceptance of new affiliates. It was agreed that, from 24 July 1989, ACF would accept only registrations from its own, CCCA or overseas bodies, and that there be on–going dialogue between ACF and CCCA, with unity the aim. Julian Schuller took over as secretary of ACF, and Lesley Morgan replaced her as International Liaison Officer (ILO).