Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

QFA hosted the National in Brisbane, judges representing CFA, TICA, NZCF and ACF officiated over two days and six rings. The Lance Barnard AO award for Supreme Exhibit was won by CH Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda Special, a Russian owned and exhibited by Alan & Janis Christison and bred by the inimitable Lucy Nikiforos. OzPet the odour free litter continued their support and we welcomed Royal Canin for the first time.

Topics for the seminar held on Monday included presentations by Dr Ian Williams BVSc, Royal Canin on Nutrition for Queens & Kittens, Lorraine Shelton, Link between Colour and Temperament was enjoyed by all present, Karpati, a new pattern that has emerged in domestic cats in the Carpathian Mountains and is similar in appearance to the Lykoi the “werewolf cat”. Jamie Christian presented the Lykoi a new breed which was elevated to Championship status with TICA from 1 May 2017. Heather Roberts, a TICA judge introduced the Singapura and Brian Pearson, CFA presented the Turkish Angora which was given recognition at the 2016 General meeting the following day.

The ACF Cat Legislation Committee was formed with representatives from each state, the purpose of the committee is to increase knowledge of cat legislation in each state and work towards uniformity of cat legislation nationally for the benefit of cats and responsible cat breeding and cat ownership. Joy Verrinder representing the Animal Welfare League and convenor of the G2Z projected was appointed as an advisor to the committee. The meeting agreed to recognise CATZ Inc. thereby respecting NZCF’s recognition.

A new award for Companion cats was agreed, to be known as the ACF Companion Award of Honour. Best in Show companion cats over nine months of age where there is a minimum of five companions present are eligible for the award.

Sandi Gemmell, Acting President and the ILO represented ACF at the 2017 World Cat Congress meeting in Las Vegas at the end of April. Whilst WCC does not legislate in any way, its aim is to promote better understanding and co–operation between the world’s major cat organisations which meet annually to freely discuss matters of mutual concern in a friendly relaxed and co–operative atmosphere.