Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

With the Perth 1985 meeting came recognition of Balinese (providing they were Group 2 rather than experimentally bred) and Judith Russack was by now Secretary. Nita Russack was once more Acting President for the meeting but was succeeded by Eileen Eckblom (Mayor of Whyalla) who was elected at this Annual General Meeting.The Guild seminar was on Abyssinians and Somalis, and five International Champion titles were granted. Mrs Oliver (International Liaison Officer since 1973) was succeeded in that position by Julian Schuller. (Mrs Oliver was in Europe at the time, and had become Vice–President of FIFe by this stage). The Best Entire Cat was Ch Janaldo Jean Pier (blue–eyed white Persian) and the Best Entire Kitten was Absin Avara (tawny Abyssinian). The Best Desexed Exhibit was Chardonnay Lady Toccara (seal–point Birman).