Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

Off we went to the tropics, to Darwin! This was a most welcome change for the many southerners who converged. In this year recognition was given to Siberians; apricot and caramel were recognised as well as silver tabby–point in Birmans and Ragdolls; caramel and apricot were accepted in Burmillas; and the ticked tabby pattern included in Persian–Exotic, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold and Shorthair, and Rex. John Blythe was re– elected President and Allan Raymond became International Liaison Officer.

Again, the show format was different, so results for Best of Group were not calculated in the standard manner. The visiting judges were Olga Abramova (Russia–Israel) and Ken Lawrence (United States of America). The virtue of having an official Reserve judge was unfortunately made manifest when Olga was badly bitten and Ian Rivett stepped into the breach.

Lilac Burmese female, Kokhan Arielle Armani earned a Distinguished Merit award on the basis of two of her offspring winning Best Group 3 Kitten (Rings 3 and 4). The sheer quality of the Northern Territory Burmese was something of an eye–opener to many who had travelled from other States. For the first time, a Japanese Bobtail won a Best in Show at a National – Hajime Ji Yu (owned by Harry Bush, Western Australia). The Supreme Exhibit was a black Persian neuter from Queensland, ACF AoE Katzrus Kuta Kinda.

Early in the year, a Turkish Van female, Ch. Vanstar Nephra of Delisman (bred by Julie Walker and owned by Berenice Harris), was accorded DM status.