Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

Waratah State Cat Association was host to the National, held for the first time in New South Wales at Penrith. A very different show format meant a spread of the weekend’s events. The award (over six rings) of "Highest Scoring Exhibit" went to Debbie Moreno’s black spotted tabby Persian, Maskad Zulu (New South Wales).

The Guild meeting was frantic and, because of the show timetable, split into two sessions. Recognition was considered (and approved) for golden in Orientals and O–gene Ragdolls and caramel in Australian Mists. A wider range of colours and pattern was approved for Turkish Vans, the standard of which also underwent change. It was agreed that the "gold" and "peach" Australian Mists would be acknowledged as their genetic colours, i.e. cinnamon and fawn. The Persian–Exotic standard had an addition that the nose leather would now be "broad, with open nostril apertures".

At the Annual General Meeting, the meeting endorsed the exclusion from the ACF panel of any judge found guilty in a court of law of an act injurious or prejudicial to the aims and objectives or reputation of the cat fancy. The "milestones" form was introduced for any judges whose names are to be submitted for inclusion on the ACF National Panel of Judges.