Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

On 22 May 2002 a meeting was held between representatives of ACF and the Cat Coordinating Council of Australia (CCCA) Inc. and this boded well for closer liaison. This was attended (for ACF) by the President, the Secretary, and the International Liaison Officer One outcome of the meeting was that CCCA opened its CCCA titles to ACF–registered cats in order to become consistent with established ACF practice.

Adelaide was the venue for both show and the Annual General Meeting, hosted by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia at Morphettville Racecourse. A Supreme Exhibit was awarded in each of the three rings and the winners were GC Kaloofa Blue Velvet, Pompey Puttin’ on the Ritz (both blue British Shorthairs) and the stylish black Oriental kitten, Naengnoi Orient Express. The visiting judges were Kitty Angell (USA), Phillipe Noel (France), Jan van Rooyen (South Africa), and Yuki Hattori (Japan).

Michael Figwer (South Australia) was elected President and Keryn Rivett became Secretary. Barbara La Rocca (Queensland) became the new Vice–President. Recognition was granted to the Oriental bicolour; the Javanese was re–named "Oriental Longhair"; and the Tonkinese breed was accepted in O–gene. Selkirk Rex cats were allowed outcrossing until 2016 and some important clarification was made to the Recommended Practices on Breeding, i.e. neither rumpy Manx nor Scottish Fold may be mated like to like.

The inaugural ACF Distinguished Service Award was presented to Lesley Morgan Blythe for her efforts in many different ACF roles over more than two decades