Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The ACF returned to the Gold Coast this year. The International Liaison Officer sent apologies as she was representing ACF at the first World Congress of Cat Organisations meeting in Holland. (FIFe, World Cat Federation [WCF], CFA and ACF.) To be invited to this meeting was significant recognition for ACF. Wain Harding of the USA was the guest judge. The top cats across two rings at the 1995 National came from several breeds. In Group 1 they included Best Cat, GC Mingmist Midnite Liasn/GC Scotsglen Deja Vu; Best Kitten, Willangi Zelda/ Tuam Heart ’n’ Soul; and Best Neuter, GDGC Tuam Corvette/GDGC Tuam Turning Point. In Group 2, Best Cat was DGC Korindah Wisteria (both rings); Best Kitten was Korindah Alwayza Classic (both rings); and Best Neuter was GDGC Korindah Classic Creole/GC Maclae Gold Coast Angel. Across Group 3, the Best Cat was PDGC Ianthe Ruggerio/Ch Ishmar Lit’l Mishka; Best Kitten was Ke Li Shelley/Aurora Ta Keo Tomahawk; and Best Neuter was Fioric Miss Muppet/GC Alazar Bold Legend.

Annual General Meeting issues included refining the Award of Excellence (AOE); acceptance of Ocicats with the CFA standard; and allowing "with white" Ragdolls to have "a spot you can sit on" (i.e. one spot on hock). The Education and Management report detailed the progress for the year and the "breakaway" association in Tasmania (seeking CCCA affiliation) was discussed, with the ACF giving full support to its long–term Tasmanian affiliate, Cat Association of Tasmania Inc (CAT). It was decided that the initiative for further liaison with CCCA might best come from that body.