Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The action switched to Victoria in 1975 and the National Show was run by the Feline Control Council of Victoria (FCCV) for the first time, on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. It attracted an entry of 950, and was staged at the Royal Showgrounds. Ruth McDonald from New Zealand officiated, with 26 Australian colleagues. The Best Longhair Cat was a black and white Persian, Norwood Pippin; Best Shorthair Cat was Brooklea Nijinsky (Russian); Best Shorthair Kitten was Redwyton Gooditwoshoes (blue British Shorthair); Best Shorthair Desexed was Redwyton Pollywaffle (blue British Shorthair); Best Siamese Cat was Taiping Stanislaus (blue–point); Best Siamese Kitten was Panthera Sparkie (seal–point); and Best Siamese Desexed Exhibit was Casedero Don Carlos. In November, the present name of the organisation was registered, and the body incorporated. Also during 1975, the ACF register of prefixes was initiated, to avoid the then common duplication of prefixes around Australia, and the Australian National Champion title was instituted.